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Workshops, Seminars and Visit

Visit to CLP’s Eco Home


Date: 2017/03/13


To enhance students’ understanding of the sustainability concept, the lecturer of the respective module has arranged a visit to CLP’s Eco Home for the students of Higher Diploma in Marketing Management. Eco Home is CLP’s one-stop green living concept store showcasing a 360 ° green home living experience. The guided tour provided a lot of useful information to our students. For example, cooking consumes most of the energy at homes. Tips on energy saving as well as the introduction of the latest technologies such as Frequency Conversion and OLED conservation of energy were given to our students. The center was also equipped with interactive games, some of which used motion-sensing and touchscreen technologies. Students were tested on their knowledge on electricity efficiency. They were also discouraged from continuing their bad energy habits. A perfect mix of learning and fun!